Visage GPS Advertising


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2024 GPS & Simulator Advertising

Build your brand recognition on and off the course 365 days a year


40,000+ players – over 80% of golfers use golf carts

GPS Frequency

A Signature ad will appear in the following locations:

Tee Box: As the cart pulls up to the tee box, your inset ad will appear.

Fairway: As the cart travels down the fairway another inset ad is used to promote product or model awareness. Advertisers can provide more detailed information by displaying your company name or short slogan.

Green: As the cart approaches the green another ad will be
displayed. This is an opportunity for advertisers to further promote their brand and tell potential buyers what you do or sell.


Total Ad Exposure – 12 to 15 minutes

Simulator Frequency

One insert advertisement on the tee box of your selected hole on every golf course in the trackman library (260 courses)

May 1st 2024 through April 30th 2025