The Wachusett Virtual Gift Card is just like a traditional plastic Gift Card except it is delivered electronically. The first step is to select the amount you would like to purchase and then who you want to send to a friend, family member or just to yourself followed by entering the recipients information. Once the order is placed, a personalized email is sent to the recipient, typically instantly or within a few hours depending on your email service.

Note: Each gift card purchased creates a unique six digit gift card code. This code is all one needs for instant redemption and it may be presented in ANY form. Online gift card purchases generate a gift card code that is sent electronically to the email associated with the purchase and should arrive in less than one day. This email is most often printed and serves as the gift, but the purchaser may opt to transfer the code to a more personal card they create themselves or even forward the emailed code on to the the recipient, as the code itself is all that is required for redemption. To request a more formal gift card be sent via US Post, email a request with the online order number to and a gift card indicating the card gift code and amount gifted will be mailed within one business day.