On behalf of the entire Marrone family, we would like to thank all our family, friends, customers, employees, members, salesmen, bride and grooms, and every one else who reached out to us these past few weeks with overwhelming comfort and support.  Our father, Don Marrone, was truly one of the most honest, kind, and generous person we have ever known.  There was not a day that went by that he did not help a person in need.  He would do anything for anyone and he pretty much did.  Yes, he may have been rough around the edges and he always held himself, his family and friends to high standards but it is because of those high standards that Wachusett & Kettle Brook are what they are today.  Every day he poured his heart and soul into his beloved golf courses and utilized his businesses to give back to the community over and over again.  Our father will be impossible to replace.  But we would like to promise all of you that going forward, the four of us will work our hardest to emulate our father and his incredible work ethics.  And we hope that all of you will also help us continue our father’s amazing legacy as we move Wachusett and Kettle Brook into the next generation.  My father’s true love was not just the course but the friendships, the celebrations, and the goodwill that resulted from it.  Wachusett, Kettle Brook, and the Marrone family would be nothing without all of you.  Again, we thank you for your overwhelming support and look forward to seeing you in the years to come.