2023 Lock Tee Time Request

Lock Tee-Time Policy

In order to lock the same tee time each week, there must be 4 members (Platinum, Copper or Bronze). For that tee time, a captain must be chosen who will be responsible for that tee time. The captain will be the person in charge of cancellations and he must have a valid credit card on file. Cancellations will only be accepted up to 3 days in advance. If the entire reservation does not show up, their Locked Tee-Time will be charged $360 for the missed tee time and that Locked Tee-Time will be canceled for the rest of the season. No exceptions. If a group does show, but not with the guaranteed amount of players, the Captain of that group will be charged the rate of $90 before tee off for each individual no show.  Any groups slowing up play will be forced to forfeit their locked time after two warnings.

Wednesday Lock Tee Time – Need to Cancel by Sunday
Friday Lock Tee Time – Need to Cancel by Tuesday
Saturday Lock Tee Time – Need to Cancel by Wednesday
Sunday Lock Tee Time – Need to Cancel by Thursday

Wednesday Locks (May 3rd thru October 25th)
Friday Locks (May 5th thru October 27th) 
Saturday Locks (May 6th thru October 28th) 
Sunday Locks (May 7th thru October 29th) 

Lock Tee Time Request

Lock Tee Time Request

2023 Lock Tee Time Policy